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Restoring Your Roof's Beauty and Integrity

The notion of keeping a roof over your head means much more than just staying responsible in our lives. Your roof is a vital structure of your home and it must be maintained, and if need be replaced, to ensure that it is staying strong. At A+ Home Improvement in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we assist residential homeowners in improving their roofs look and durability so it will last years to come.

Before & After

Rejuvenating Your Property's Appearance

Having roof renewal services done will vastly improve your home's curb appeal. Our team will easily remove algae and mold stains from your roof's surface with our roof cleaning service. This will take an outdated looking roof and bring back its natural shine.

Inspecting for Storm Damage

When working with our team, you gain peace of mind knowing that your roof will stand strong no matter what the weather. We offer free inspections for storm damage.